Good Fats 101

Getting the Word Out on Good Fats

Although the tides are turning, there is still a lot of confusion among consumers about fats. Which ones are good, which ones are bad, how much do I need, what are the best sources and just what exactly do they do for me are common questions a typical person might ask. The good news is there’s a strong research base to support human needs for and the health benefits of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats – also known as the “good” fats.

At Omega-9 Oils, we want to empower people – including everyday folks along with those working in nutrition, foodservice and food manufacturing – to make the best food choices by knowing what those best choices are and why. Good Fats 101 is a program that was created by Omega-9 Oils to serve as a resource for these people and professionals. Its goal is to support efforts to educate health professionals, their clients and stakeholders as well as health-conscious consumers about good  fats and their positive impact on health. The program includes a website, a blog, consumer-friendly materials to use in patient/client/consumer education, and tools like an online Daily Needs Planner to help consumers see just how much fat they need and from what foods they can get it.

For the past several years, the Good Fats 101 team has also had a presence at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (The Academy) Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE). The Academy is the professional organization for registered dietitians (RDs) and other nutrition professionals, and FNCE is an annual event that attracts thousands of members for educational sessions, an expo floor to learn more about health-oriented commercial products and networking opportunities. As a booth exhibitor, the Good Fats team has been able to connect face to face with Good Fats followers, introduce others to the program and get a sense for what consumers are thinking when it comes to fat by hearing it firsthand from those who talk with them.

Establishing relationships and partnering with RDs to share the good story for good fats makes perfect sense. Not only are they recognized as the “food and nutrition experts,” but they are also trained to interpret scientific nutrition information and translate it to easy-to-understand language for their clients and the public. RDs are super savvy when it comes to social media – many with thousands of their own followers – giving them an elevated and visible platform to share the good news about good fats. With their training and high level of consumer engagement, they are uniquely equipped and positioned to clear up confusion and dispel misinformation.

If you’re interested in learning more about why good fats are the best choice for you, your product or your operation or how to better connect with RDs, contact us  today.