High Oleic Canola Oil Can Meet Health and Performance Needs

New research published in Obesity suggests using oils high in monounsaturated fat, such as canola and high oleic canola oil, may help reduce abdominal fat and improve metabolic syndrome – a key risk factor for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers examined 101 adults with abdominal obesity and at least one other risk factor for metabolic syndrome (elevated blood pressure, blood glucose or triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol). Participants consumed a smoothie daily containing one of five types of oil: canola, high oleic canola, high oleic canola with DHA, a corn and safflower oil blend, and a flax and safflower oil blend. Subjects were randomly assigned to a sequence of the five oils. Each diet was followed for four weeks, with a two- to four-week rest period between each diet, during which participants followed their usual diets. Results showed a significant decrease in abdominal fat when subjects consumed smoothies prepared with canola and high oleic canola oil. Reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure were also associated with these oils. According to study author Penny Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., R.D., the results are likely due to the monounsaturated fats found in these oils.

Roughly 60 percent of commodity canola oil is made up of monounsaturated fats, while high oleic canola oil, such as Omega-9 Canola Oil, contains 74 percent monounsaturated fats. In addition to being uniquely high in monounsaturated fats, Omega-9 Canola Oil contains no trans fat and has among the lowest levels of saturated fats of any cooking oil. With more than 50 percent of calories consumed by food produced outside the home, switching to a high monounsaturated fat oil can help consumers achieve the results seen in this study.

The Omega-9 Oils team recognizes the nutrition profile of cooking oil is a factor considered by foodservice professionals and food manufacturers, along with key performance and cost factors. Extremely stable due to its high monounsaturated fat content, Omega-9 Canola Oil provides longer fry life in restaurants and a greater shelf life in packaged foods without the use of added antioxidants and preservatives. Additionally, this versatile oil can be easily integrated into existing operations and used in a variety of applications, including frying, baking, spraying, par-frying and in recipe applications.

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