Omega-9 Oils at SNAXPO 2017

The Omega-9 Oils team recently returned from SNAC International’s 80th annual SNAXPO Exhibition and Conference in Savannah, Ga., spending three busy days networking with industry colleagues and learning about the latest trends in the snack food industry.

A few points that were noted during the course of the show:

  • Snacking continues to show explosive growth … in dollars, occasions and products on the marketplace.
  • Snacks have replaced breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Traditional confectionery and salty snack segments are blurring, an example is chocolate-covered popcorn.
  • The new generations of snackers — millennials and Generation Z — snack more often and choose snacks based on more than just taste.
  • Convenience, “free-from” artificial ingredients and preservatives and GMOs and experiential flavors are driving new snack formats.
  • Consumers seek snacks to meet several need states throughout the day … starting with better-for-you snacks that are for physical performance and ending with an indulgent treat.
  • Where consumers buy snacks is also evolving; convenience stores and vending are innovating to meet consumer needs.
  • Holistic health is a trend that drives snacking. Consumers are seeking snacks that are “good for me” and “good for my environment.”

In addition to exhibiting at the event, Omega-9 Oils sponsored an Innovation Presentation called “Ingredient Solutions for the Next Generation of Snacking.” More than 60 of our customers and contacts attended this course to hear from our experts in consumer food marketing about the latest trends in snacking — from generational preferences to clean labels.

For many snack foods, more than 30 percent of the product is oil. Omega-9 Canola Oil was featured as an ingredient that delivers on snacking trends around great taste, nutrition and natural stability to enable clean label products. Widely available, cost competitive and traceable to the growing region, Omega-9 Canola Oil is a strong performing foundational ingredient for many snack foods. Omega-9 Oils’ partnership with Kettle Foods was highlighted to show how they strategically leverage their choice of Non-GMO Project Verified Omega-9 Canola Oil to meet their brand requirements for taste, nutrition, shelf life and supply chain management.

Did we miss you at our sessions or on the show floor? Please reach out! We’d love to connect to share the latest research around snacking and how Omega-9 Canola Oil may be a powerful solution available for your product line.