Clean Label Craze Continues

The push for clean labels has dominated food and nutrition trends in recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Innova Market Insights named “Clean Supreme” as the top food trend of 2017, and data from Euromonitor estimated U.S. sales of clean label products in 2015 was $62 billion — more than one-third of total global clean label sales.[i] This trend also is widespread in the foodservice industry, and the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot Chef Survey named clean menus/natural ingredients to be the second-hottest culinary concept for 2017.

But is clean label here to stay? Some industry experts seem to think so. In fact, many believe clean label is no longer simply a trend, but it is the new norm. Consumer data supports this theory:

  • Three-quarters of consumers look at the number of ingredients in packaged foods[ii]
  • 37 percent think it’s important to understand ingredients in food products[iii]
  • Two-thirds are more likely to choose a restaurant serving food made with natural ingredientsii
  • Nine in 10 believe products with recognizable ingredients are healthier, while four in 10 believe products with fewer ingredients are better for youiii

The term “clean label” is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor is there a standard definition. Even so, there are several common beliefs among consumers:

  • The top five clean-label attributes are free of harmful elements (62%); clean and accurate labeling (51%); clear information (47%); fewer ingredients (42%); and nutritional content (41%)[iv]
  • Commonly avoided ingredients include preservatives (50%), artificial flavors (45%), artificial colors (43%) and GMOs (32%)[v]

A Clean Label Ingredient Solution

As the demand for clean labels continues to grow, food manufacturers and foodservice professionals alike are increasingly looking for ingredient solutions that meet consumer desire while also maintaining functionality.

Omega-9 Canola Oil can help the food industry create food products with clean labels and can be easily integrated into existing operations. Omega-9 Canola Oil is naturally stable, which eliminates the need for partial hydrogenation and helps maintain the freshness of food products without additives or preservatives, such as TBHQ. This innovative oil is available in both GM and non-GM varieties, giving our customers options that fit their needs. Interested in learning more? Visit the Omega-9 Oils website or contact our team.


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