New Seed to Oil Tool Tells Omega-9 Oils Traceability Story

Today’s consumers are more health and environment conscious and are constantly looking to the food industry for clarity and understanding.

To help consumers with their understanding, Omega-9 Oils  developed the Seed to Oil tool to trace the path Omega-9 Canola takes from innovative seeds to a healthier, great tasting cooking oil for both the foodservice and packaged foods industries.

Beginning with the SEED
Omega-9 Canola Oil originates from NexeraTM brand canola seeds. The seed portion of the tool shines light on the science behind these canola seeds and how Dow AgroSciences researchers used traditional plant breeding to improve the fatty acid profile of the oil contained inside.

From the FARM
Dow AgroSciences realizes the importance of transparency from Seed to Oil, making traceability of the crop top priority. The farm portion of the tool helps illustrate traceability for suppliers. Dow partners with major oil processors, which then contract with farmers who participate in the Identity Preserved (IP) program. Through this program, farmers agree to keep Omega-9 Canola separate from other crops.  Meet the farmers who help tell the traceability story.

The processing portion of the tool gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes for Omega-9 Canola seeds to become oil. From the separation of oil and meal to processing equipment to uses for human food consumption, the Seed to Oil tool showcases the clear and precise process.

A Healthier OIL
What value does Omega-9 Canola Oil provide? The final chapter of the Seed to Oil tool outlines the benefits of not only great taste, but a healthier profile. Whether in food processing or foodservice, Omega-9 Canola Oil provides a functional, healthier alternative to oils that are partially hydrogenated or high in saturated fats.

Follow the steps in the Seed to Oil tool for the full Omega-9 Canola Oil traceability story.


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