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Omega-9 Canola and Sunflower Oils, developed by Dow AgroSciences, are healthier oil solutions for the foodservice and food processing industries. These oils represent the next generation of cooking oils because they deliver healthier foods without compromising taste or performance.

Omega-9 Oils are made from Dow AgroSciences’ Nexera Canola and Sunflower seeds and have a unique combination of high oleic (omega-9) and low linolenic fatty acids. This profile gives the oils their light, clean taste and superior performance, making Omega-9 Oils an ideal solution for today’s food industry needs.

Our Blog Editorial Team

The team representing Omega-9 Oils regularly contributes to this blog’s content.

  • David Dzisiak, Commercial Leader, Grains and Oils
  • Dave Booher, Market Leader, Grains and Oils
  • Mary LaGuardia, Market Leader, Grains and Oils
  • Katherine Salloum, Brand Manager, Omega-9 Oils
  • Chris Nowlan, Canola Products Market Manager
  • Asim Syed, Research and Development